Dr. Huzefa Y Chandabhal - | Chicago, IL. Reviews.
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Dr. Huzefa Y Chandabhal

Dr. Huzefa Y Chandabhal

Chicago, IL
Internal Medicine (primary specialty)

Dr. Huzefa Y Chandabhal (Internal Medicine). To get in touch with doctor visit 2900 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL, or call +17736653000 to make an appointment beforehand. Graduation year: 2003 (20 years in 2021).

2900 N Lake Shore Dr ;
Chicago, IL 60657-5640
+1 (773) 6653000

All medical specialties (and subspecialties if there are any):
Internal Medicine (primary)
Does doctor accept medicare assignment:
Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS ID):
Medical practice:
18 years
Graduation year:

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